Vehicle Weapon Shooter

This component delivers a way to shoot weapons attached to a vehicle eg. Tanks.

Weapons do not need animations as I have included a system that can simulate the mechanics of the weapons.

If first person perspective will be available, Camera Pivot CANNOT BE EMPTY in the seat that uses this weapon.

The main settings all replicate NeoFPS shootable weapon settings combined with all of the extra settings required.

Grenades can also be launched. Just add as per projectile.

Objects To Rotate #

Please ensure all origins are correctly aligned in your models, else make an empty gameobject that will act as a pivot, I have included a demonstration of this on the tank. Also, if using two or more weapons that will rotate, and they are parent child setups, then only setup the Objects To Rotate on the parent.

Each Object To Rotate has some settings as follows.

Object To Rotate

The object that will be rotated towards the player look direction.

Input Axis

Which input should drive the object rotation when in first person view.

Axis To Rotate Around

Which axis should the object rotate around when in first person view.

Limit Min Max Angle

Limit the rotation here.


This affects the speed of rotation.

VehicleWeaponShooter Extra Settings #

Slot ID

Is which slot the item should equip to.

Fire Force

How much force to apply to the object that is firing (if it has a rigidbody). Perfect for a Tank Blast!

Add Object Velocity To Projectile

Should the BoardSource rigidbody velocity be added to the projectile?

Projectile Safety Distance

When the projectile is spawned, if it will collide with the firing weapons BoardSource then it will be moved this far forward.

Projectile Safety Radius

The cast radius for collision checks between the BoardSource and the projectile that will be fired.

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Updated on August 14, 2023