Game Scene Setup

Setup as per Opsive Pun Addon, Remove UCC SinglePlayerSpawnManager, then just add the relative and optional UI and objectives as follows.

MP Kill Feed #

Displays attacker, weapon/vehicle/vehicleweapon used and victim. Simply add a damage source name to the list with an icon to match, this is a great example, but could be somewhat better if made custom for your game style, for example, you could fade out the kills rather than scroll away, this is pure dev preference and therefore the example is there for you.

Mini Map Handler #

This is the base of the entire MiniMap system. Attached to UI this handles the placement of everything map related.

Attribute Monitor #

Attribute Monitor with an Attribute Name of ArmDisarm. For rush objectives and rush ability.

Score Monitor #

A simple score monitor at the most basic, as an example for you to create your own neat score monitor with extra data if you wish. Anything you require to study for your own is in here.

Objectives #

Any scene for any mode can have objectives, more-so, any scene can have all objectives for all gametypes in the very same scene. Gamemodes do not require their “own” scene at all. This is useful to save on build space, and more importantly for us devs TIME!

Study each objective type to see just how this works and create your own cool game type to add to any game mode!

In short the objectives disable themselves if the game type is not the same as the objective type.

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Updated on August 14, 2023