Release Note’s


  • OnSetSeat now uses SeatChangeData struct for code readability.
  • Corrected some hint info.
  • Moved ClosestSeatEntry to BoardSource. It is now optional per board source rather than being limited to the ability.
  • Added an option to force rigidbody kinematic when stopped.
  • Added camera culling override for BoardSource. Perfect for when using the RC Tank to keep the character being displayed correctly.
  • Added SeatMonitor, a handy UI indicator for displaying engaged/empty seats.
  • Added Icon and SeatMonitorUIID fields to BoardSource.


  • Added Closest Seat Entry option to Board. You can now opt to hop in the closest available seat, PubG style.
  • Updated Animator ID for some seats in demo scene.


  • Added audio to demo vehicles in demo scene.
  • Added Platform Passenger ability. Characters can now also switch to seats that utilize a platform and roam it freely.
  • Minor core improvements.


  • Added functionality for easier checking of empty seats and full vehicles etc. These are as follows: BoardSource => GetEmptySeat(out int seatIndex), IsEmpty() and IsFull().
  • Added a function to lock or unlock a BoardSource => SetLocked(bool locked).
  • Added an accessor for the current BoardSource health component.
  • Added quick switch character weapon prefabs with correct shooter layers for the minimal player prefab.
  • You can now call EjectPlayers() without destroying the BoardSource it is now EjectPlayers(bool destroyVehicle).


  • Improved editor functionality to make it easier to setup characters.


  • Added a character setup helper to the Seating Controller manager.
  • Added a demo motor-bike controller.
  • Updated documentation. Important notes added for character weapons.


  • Fixed an issue where character weapons could not destroy a vehicle in the demo scene. New character weapon prefabs were added with firing layer corrections, and the demo full body character has been updated with them prefabs. 
  • Fixed an issue where the tank blast was not doing desired damage in the demo scene.
  • Added health components to 4wd and Jet.


  • Initial Release.