Release Notes

2.0.19 (coming soon)

  • Added GameObjectsToEnable/Disable options per seat.
  • Updated BoardSourcePun.

2.0.18 (current)

  • Fixed a physics bug that could occur if dropped items are spawned whilst being insta killed from a BoardSource collision death.


  • Updated to stay in sync with UCC latest update. Requires UCC 3.0.17 or above.


  • Hotfix for users without First Person Controller portion of UCC installed.


  • Fixed Vehicle Damage Zone not correctly synced for all clients.
  • Removed unnecessary usings.
  • Updated the interpolation settings for the RCC Jeep example prefab.
  • The legacy package for UCCv2 has been removed. I am creating a new system for legacy files, contact me if you require them.


  • Fixed an issue with “AffectThirdPersonCamLimits” upon exiting a BoardSource. (Both packages/versions).


  • Fixed rubber banding issues with BoardSourcePlatforms.
  • PlatformPassenger improvements.


  • Minor ‘under the hood’ demo script improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with DemoGunshipRotator that could cause an error when ULTIMATE_CHARACTER_CONTROLLER_MULTIPLAYER is not defined.


  • Added DemoGunshipSync for a smoother gunship in online demo.


  • Minor updates to account for UMP Game Modes.
  • Animation fixes for online.
  • Added Closest Seat Entry system to v2 package variant upon request, enjoy the LTS 🙂


  • Minor updates to account for UMP Game Modes.
  • PulsingLight moved to FastSkillTeam.Shared.Objects.
  • PulsingEmission moved to FastSkillTeam.Shared.Objects.


  • Added SeatMonitor, a handy UI indicator for displaying engaged/empty seats.
  • Added Icon and SeatMonitorUIID fields to BoardSource.
  • OnSetSeat event data now contains the BoardSource. 
  • OnSetSeat now called on the character also.


  • Updated to stay in sync with UMP GameModes Addon.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle weapon shooters could not fire online.
  • Updated prefab variants for drop/pickup with corrected definitions. These references were lost due to a serialization issue.


  • Updated to stay in sync with UCCv3.0.13.


  • Fixed a typo that used a PUN extension where it should not have.


  • Updated to stay in sync with UCCv3.0.12 (accommodate for SmoothedRigidbody and some changes affecting camera).
  • Updated some core scripts in preparation for upcoming MP Game Modes addon.
  • OnSeatSeat event is now also fired on the remote character.
  • Moved ClosestSeatEntry to BoardSource. It is now optional per board source rather than being limited to the ability.
  • Item definitions and rules created unique to USC. 
  • CustomDamageProcessor example. Blocking bullets (Tank is bullet resistant).
  • Character Weapon prefab variants have been created and setup utilizing the CustomDamageProcessor, new sets of item definitions and rules.
  • Applicable vehicle weapons have the CustomDamageProcessor applied.
  • Reorganized project structure in preparation for new addons.


  • DemoCarSync – Improved ownership change.


  • Third Person view Stationary Turret camera jerk fixed.


  • Overall camera behavior improved. Especially noticeable in the Gun Ship and when using the RC Tank.
  • Added RC Tank to multiplayer demo scene.
  • Updated BoardSourcePun to support Remote Controlled Objects better.
  • Auto Find IK Links option has been added per seat. You can now disable it if you wish.
  • IK Target links can be enabled or disabled at runtime, and the change will reflect anytime SetupUCCIK is called.
  • Updated the Animator ID value for the RC Tank in the demo scene.
  • Added Closest Seat Entry option to the Board ability to be able to get the closest available seat or simply the first available.
  • Added RCDrone Character IK preset.
  • Documentation updated.

2.0.0 (Major breaking change)

  • Fixed an animation issue that could happen on a slow connection or a network packet loss for a remote player.
  • Improved DemoCarSync and added network prediction. Very smooth even on connections with 600+ms ping!
  • Updated some core code relevant to UCC 3.0.10+ Please ensure you have everything UCC related up to date!
  • MAJOR BREAKING CHANGE > Applies only to those that have custom code registered to “OnSetSeat”. This event now uses a struct data container, see more in the documentation.
  • Documentation updated.
  • First Person Perspective is now smooth without requiring a custom camera pivot thanks to the new UCC update (v3.0.10).


  • Some prefabs had the tag “Player” which could cause an issue when a character is auto assigned to the camera, they have now been set to “Untagged”.
  • Fixed a null error that could occur when a player joined an online match.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when boarding as a passenger into a seat allowing character weapons in an online match.
  • Jeep and Quadbike prefabs did not have the steering wheel model assigned when they should have, they have been updated.


  • Adjusted Feet IK positions for quadbike and 4wd.
  • Updated aero plane input scripts.
  • Updated colliders for quadbike RCC prefab.
  • Removed “Reminder” Debug.
  • Updated audio in demo scenes.


  • Added an option to enable or disable character gravity forces being applied to vehicles (BoardSource.AllowCharacterGravity), and you can also adjust the amount of gravity (BoardSource.CharacterGravityAmount). This can be cool for stunts games where vehicles may wall ride. Wall riding was a recently found bug, now it is turned into a feature!
  • Added some options for adding forces to ejected character/s when a BoardSource is destroyed.
  • Updated the quadbikes colliders.
  • Force “Align To BoardSource” whilst in first person view for better camera results.
  • Added a new component to use with seats that have a Custom Cam Pivot. Add the new Seat Camera Controller to Custom Camera Pivots to get a smoother camera. This was possible before by using your own logic on a custom pivot, I have now included it as standard. See the example usage on the Ute for the driver and passenger seats.

1.4.5 (HOT FIX update right away!)

  • In the last update a tiny error was made that causes a critical bug in online builds, please update right away as this has been fixed already.

1.4.4 (All changes are for v3 variant only)

  • Core code updates for compatibility with UCCv3.0.9 please ensure you have updated UCC before installing this update.
  • Animator ID is now set per seat.
  • Fixed an animation bug for remote players.
  • Added BoardSourcePlatforms, you can even board them by changing to the seat dedicated to the platform! Players can now walk around in/on the moving vehicles.
  • Added PlatformPassenger ability to work with BoardSourcePlatforms and Board.
  • Detect Ground is now optional per seat.
  • Added some helper methods for easy checks and getting an empty seat from a BoardSource.
  • Added a method to Lock or Unlock a BoardSource. 
  • Fixed crouch bug in the demo scenes. Character now stands back up without needing to move.
  • Added an option to enable or disable ability message for Board.
  • Renamed within BoardSource ‘m_HintDisplayName’ to ‘m_DisplayName’.
  • Added action hint to Board messages set per BoardSource. Now within the hint you can easily change from “Board” to “Ride” or “Operate” for example.
  • VehicleWeaponShooters audio fix for AudioConfigFiles.
  • VehicleWeaponShooters inspector cleaned up and removed leftover fields from v2 package.
  • Updated Left Pistol Item Set Rule.
  • Added a Ute for demonstration of BoardSourcePlatforms and the PlatformPassenger ability.
  • Added option to Board ability to enable or disable alignment of the characters Up value with the BoardSource.
  • Added field to motorbike controller for ragdoll duration.
  • Added bool to motorbike controller for apply crash forces to ragdoll.
  • Fixed a camera issue when crashing and reboarding the motorbike.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue for UFPSv3.


  • For v3 package variant > Package has been updated to align with Ultimate Character Controller v3.0.7+ Ensure you have updated Ultimate Character Controller before applying this update.
  • Changed and renamed preset “DriveFreeLookPreset” to “DriverFreeLookPreset”, the camera state names have been updated to match. This was required for UCC3.0.7+ as the camera system had been changed.
  • Fixed random physics bug when crashing a vehicle and dying on the same frame.
  • Fixed invisible weapons for first person perspective when they have not yet been equipped, but then are equipped whilst on board.
  • Enabled projectile shooters to have muzzle effects in correct positions as per hit scan shooters whilst in first person view and shooting.
  • Fixed crosshairs displaying in seats without weapon capability and ensured “body” will not be equipped.


  • For v2 package variant > The final update! Now totally issue free, the one last bug that was introduced when UCCv2.4.9 (UCCv2’s final update) was released (invisible FPS weapons upon perspective change whilst driving and shooting) has been fixed. The v2 package is absolutely perfect and AAA game development ready! It will be left at that.
  • For v3 package variant > Found and fixed a build bug that would occur upon build only if parachute ability was added to character (Not present in Editor or v2 variant).
  • For v3 package variant > Removed obsolete prefabs and other files.
  • For v3 package variant > Online Demo Scene turret projectile corrected for online.
  • For v3 package variant > Online Demo Scene has been cleaned and replaced for any obsolete ItemDefinitions, which would prevent items equipping whilst on board in the demo scene only.
  • For v3 package variant > Parachute has been updated with a master variable to control overall movement speed (Move Force). More to come on that so it matches v2 parachuting.
  • Fixed motorbike autodrive when a crash has occurred, much more to come on the motorbike system, it really feels awesome so far.


  • For v3 package variant > Hotfix for weapon display issues in first person view whilst driving and shooting.


  • For v3 package variant > Hotfix for users requiring only TPS or FPS UCC variants.


  • Both package variants contain a fix for the harmless but annoying RCC coroutine bug.
  • Updated the motorbike controller and added it to the v3 package variant. 
  • Updated the editor functionality for v3 package variant.
  • v3 package variant had fierce camera jitter whilst operating the remote-controlled tank, this has now been fixed.
  • Multiplayer has been enabled for v3 package variant.


  • Both package variants have been updated to open access to a missing editor function in TPS only projects.
  • Both package variants have been updated for remote controlled object death prefab spawns, if a remote-controlled object is used, the death prefab will now spawn at the correct location.
  • v3 package – Updated Gunship full screen UI in the demo scene to match the v2 package variant.
  • v3 package – Some slight camera preset adjustments.
  • v3 package – Fixed a bug that could occur in the demo scene when the character dies whilst on board.
  • v2 package now includes a very cool dedicated motorbike controller system, it is still work in progress but is a great example of how to ragdoll crash a motorbike. When finalised it will be added to the v3 package. 


  • Both package variants have been updated to open access to CharacterLocomotion and LookSource via VehicleWeaponShooter. This allows for some more versatility and an example is used within the new update for the Helicopter System addon. It caters for the new drone and its firing mechanism.
  • LazyVehicleWeaponAimer component has been added, you can create firepoints wherever you like in the map and they will aim to the player look point (call in missiles etc). 

1.3.6 (For v3 Package Only)

  • IK setup methods for v3 package have been updated for the UCCv3.04 update.

1.3.5 (For v3 Package Only)

  • Exit checks for v3 package have been updated to match the Legacy Package.
  • Remote Controlled Tank example added to the v3 package.


  • A very minor update for USCforUCCv3 variant that prevents the UCCv3 character lerping from seat position.


  • Added support for Ultimate Character Controller v3 (early stages, no multiplayer until UCCv3 Multiplayer Addon is released).


  • Backwards compatibility for Unity 2020lts stream, a huge thankyou to Robert Keown for his contribution!
  • Added an example Remote Controlled Tank.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the RCC camera from deactivating when exiting.


  • Hotfix for the new UCCv2.4.9 update, demo tank UI broke from update, simply enabled the new bool “Allow Independent Look Active” in the Full Screen Item UI Monitor.
  • Improved exit checks.
  • Added an animated entry example setup to one of the jeeps in the offline demo scene.


Please delete previous version before updating.

(Some minor breaking changes. All for the better!)

  • Fixed a case where the instant equip could leave a weapon looking like it was equipped in third person view.
  • Fixed a shared item bug in the online demo scene
  • Finished and enable raycast shots for vehicle weapons that don’t use a character item. In fact unless you require ammunition consumption then no character item is needed at all now.
  • Vehicle Weapon Slot Monitor added for no character item setups, no pickup setup required.
  • Vehicle Crosshairs Monitor added for no character item setups, no pickup setup required.
  • Renamed First Person Cam Pos to Camera Pivot as it is now required for both Vehicle Weapon view types.
  • Added an option to use Vehicle Weapon view type in any seat setup, even without any vehicle weapons in the seat.
  • Updated internal search query to include seraching for Camera Pivot
  • Updated tooltips.
  • Tidied up states and the multiplayer demo scene.
  • Fixed a rare positioning bug that could occur when entering and falling at pace.
  • Setup the left pistol better for aiming out of the left window, The Item Set state was Dual Pistols it is now Left Pistol.
  • Added the preset for the Left Pistol state.
  • Added a model jet and very simple example of how you can use the asset with other systems, using Unity Demo Standard Assets Aeroplane Controller. This is a perfect example of how to very easily adapt input from other systems to use with this asset.
  • Added a safety check range and radius for projectiles, along with gizmos for easy visualisation.
  • One RCC jeep had the limited turret setup, but the limits were 0, recitified.
  • Added an Impact Damage Component so you can have crash damage.
  • Added support for Fire Count.
  • Some other changes have been made to cater for the helicopter addon, that will be released soon.


Please delete previous version before updating.

(Some minor breaking changes. All for the better!)

  • Audio fix for Minor Item setup vehicle weapons that are networked.
  • Muzzle Flash Locations in first person view while hidden first person arms (ie. shooting from window, or quad whilst driving) are now accurately placed at the third person position.
  • A new viewtype has been added for vehicle weapons in third person view. This majorly improves handling, perspective transition and seat entry for seats with vehicle weapons.
  • Added an option to feed in Custom Look Position to vehicle weapon shooters (perfect for AI)
  • Fixed a case that could cause physics issues when switching perspectives.
  • Some obsolete state presets from previously used viewtypes have been removed, and new ones have been added to compliment the new viewtype.
  • Updated documentation.


  • Hotfix for an error that presented itself after last update preventing online boarding.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when a character had less than two inventory slots.
  • Made some tweaks to allow for Behavior Designer UCC ai characters to be able to board.


  • Minor Hotfix for some missing script warnings after demo had been auto setup in a First Person only or Third Person only UCC project.
  • Minor Hotfix for an error when used in conjunction with BlazeAI (Fully qualify Health).
  • Fixed a case where the parachute could open too early when disembarking a stolen AI driven BoardSource.
  • Fixed a case where Third Person Objects could be still visible in first person after disembarking a BoardSource.
  • Demo scenes will now automatically save upon setup when first installing.


Please delete previous version before updating.

(Some minor breaking changes. All for the better!)

  • Vehicle Weapon Shooters now can make full use of UCC Weapon Shooters as a character item, allowing for ammunition consumption, reload and more, extras like Fire Force can be applied to UCC Weapon Shooter Setups as well as standard Vehicle Weapon Setups. Therefore some variables have been renamed to keep neat and in sync with UCC code.
  • Updated Documentation, please read “Layer Setup” section, “Vehicle Weapon Shooter”, “VehicleWeaponShooter Extra Settings” and “Item Setup for use with Vehicle Weapon Shooters”.
  • First person layers can be automatically set on Vehicle Weapon Shooter objects.
  • Recoil and all major functionality has been added to Vehicle Weapon Shooters for any type of setup.
  • Overheat and Cooldown effect added to Demo Scene for an example of Attribute usage
  • Never need to adjust accuracy, can choose to use character look or the fire point for shot direction.
  • Added audio system for Parachute Ability.
  • Added option to append Aim State. (was previously always appended)
  • Added option to append View State.
  • Hide Crosshairs Monitor using Append View State
  • Added zoom states for all Vehicle Weapons.
  • Added hide crosshairs preset for first person view, can be overridden by Append View State. (Example on Turret Limited in Demo Scene)
  • Fixed aiming could force Vehicle Weapons past Rotation Limits.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the crosshairs to be shown over full screen UI.
  • Found and fixed a case where external forces applied to a character while on board could affect IK.
  • Added the option to override character Independant Look per seat.
  • Updated code to allow for Top Down view mode.
  • Added Demo Scene for Top Down view mode.
  • Instant Entry and Exit overides, skips the wait for items to be Unequipped/Equipped when boarding or disembarking a BoardSource.
  • Added an option to hide the first person arms and items, and show the third person arms that are using ik, Per seat.
  • Added option to restore perspective when disembarking, to the perspective that was enabled upon boarding a BoardSource.
  • Improved Editor functionality and added more quick setup options.


  • Added Parachute Ability.
  • Added example Gunship to parachute from.
  • Fixed the limited rotation turret breaking IK in Offline Demo Scene
  • Fixed Tank blast smoke missing reference (was harmless)
  • Add defines in preparation for upcoming ability packs
  • Add AI quad to take over for standard car controller setup.
  • Vehicle Weapons now have thier own View Type for first person view, be sure to add it to your Camera Controller.
  • Adding BoardSource velocity to fired projectiles is now optional.
  • Corrected state for one 4wd that has limited rotation weapon.
  • Fixed Rb.WritePos error that could occasionally occur under laggy conditions for invisible remote characters.
  • Added Far Clip Plane override (useful for aircraft)
  • Added Field of View override for use with Vehicle Weapons


  • Fixed character visible for one frame in position too early when boarding
  • Fixed Use Damage was true on some RCC scripts, now false. Mesh’s not set to readable/writable in import settings(for performance), you can set this up yourself if you like.
  • Optimised Attack Collider checks
  • Attack Colliders are now validated upon start, and the layers are set saving user error.
  • Tweaked the offsets for ShootFromRightWindow state presets
  • Added more display setups. A vehicle to shoot while driving, and a vehicle that has restricted movement on the turret.
  • Added demo UI per seat, displaying what that particular seat allows.
  • Improved Demo scripts and added DemoWheelFixer script (for use with standard car controller variants)
  • (PUN)Quadbike handle bars now sync properly online
  • StateConfiguration asset renamed to USCDemoStateConfiguration and removed unneccesary profiles to save confusion.
  • Added grenade launcher to demo tanks, now you can see how easy it is to setup extra weapons per seat
  • Made demo tanks destroyable
  • Add death explosions to all vehicles
  • Quadbike model updated, and a destroyed version added.


  • Fixed vehicle weapons not firing under laggy connections
  • Fixed demo character muzzle flash positioning
  • Fixed demo character reload animation
  • Updated Documentation with tutorial link


  • Initial Release.