Release Note’s

1.0.9 (coming soon)

  • Fix for MPAntiCheatHelper that would prevent a build when using ACTK integration.

1.0.8 (current)

  • Sanity checks for MPConnection Instance.
  • Renamed MPAdvancedRigidBody to MPRigidBodyAdvanced.
  • Improved MPRigidBodyAdvanced.
  • Closed rooms are now also hidden.


  • Added MPRigidbody and MPAdvancedRigidbody.
  • Added option to close room when match starts.
  • Fixed characters respawning on moving platform if they are on one when dying or round is reset.
  • Improved performance for MPCharacterTransformMonitor, minimizing GC.


  • Fixed DemoRemover throwing error when USC is installed.
  • Fixed a case where remote characters had the potential to get stuck on a ledge/floor, while the local is falling and has predicted back under the floor quickly.
  • Improved handling of Max Deviation for MPCharacterTransformMonitor.


  • Hot fix for remote characters slightly floating above ground.


  • Added MPDamageZone.
  • Fixed Fall Damage not applied to clients.
  • Fixed PlayerPrefs out of range for new menu scenes.
  • Fixed remote character vertical jitter when idle and rotating.
  • Improved remote character ground snapping.
  • Added a generic method for MPLocalPlayer to sync self-harm cases.
  • Health pickup fix (UCC v3.0.16 core changes) ensure UCC is up to date!
  • Removed unnecessary usings.
  • A package for UCCv2(legacy) is ready, but will not be included as first planned, a new way for customers to access legacy packages is coming soon. If you want this earlier, please contact me.


  • Added a warning and sanity check in case users pass in an incorrect team number.
  • Deeper integration for Anti Cheat Tool Kit.
  • Minor fixes for Input System integration.
  • Added layer override options for ground and safety checks within MPCharacterTransformMonitor. See OverrideGroundSnapMask and OverrideSafePredictionMask along with GroundSnapMaskOverride and SafePredictionMaskOverride respectively.
  • Updated demo removal to include null states when Helicopter System add-on is not present in the project.
  • Next update will include v2 package as promised to some customers, sorry for the delay on this.


  • Added MPPersistantSceneObject component. Add this to any object (namely those with a layer of ‘VisualEffect’) that should not be destroyed when a round change occurs.


  • HOT FIX for non-USC projects. First official release. 


  • HOT FIX for conquest mode. Remote characters were colliding with bonus zones. The layers have been updated. Flags are now working again.
  • All movement syncing moved from MPPlayer* to its own component (MPCharacterTransformMonitor) so you can easily adjust values in the inspector before runtime without adding any MPPlayer* variants. 


  • Scene object removal fixes for projects not containing USC and/or the Helicopter System for USC.


  • Character movement is now synced via MPPlayer and does not require PunCharacterTransformMonitor, you can add PunCharacterTransformMonitor to the prefabs to see the difference. MPRemotePlayer has some helpful options to visualize and alter network prediction algorithm.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when a player would leave the room, which cleared wrong names from the leaderboard.
  • Fixed mini map staying locked when MPSpawnPointSelector is in use and local character is killed.
  • Opponent team characters now have the “Enemy” layer set automatically.


  • Improved in game escape menu.
  • Fixed some more errors for projects not using USC addon.
  • Under the hood improvements.


  • Fixed some errors for projects not using USC addon.
  • MPDMRushObjective > pulsing light slot is now an array.
  • Added pulsing emission slots for MPDMRushObjective.
  • Added new demo model for Rush objectives.
  • Demo rush objectives will now deal damage when they explode.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when a player is in a bonus zone and leaves the match.


  • Fixed some objectives being destroyed upon round resets in multi round matches.
  • Fixed mini map not being displayed correctly upon round resets in multi round matches.
  • Updated camera states for first person view in demo scenes (Applies to USC vehicles).
  • Updated demo scene USC vehicles to utilize interpolation as per USC demo scenes.


  • Added camera states to demo scenes for third person sniper rifle.
  • Corrected references in demo scenes (for projects with Ultimate Seating Controller) for allowed item types within seats that had them.
  • Added get set property LoadSceneOnJoinRoom to MPConnection.
  • Added an example for displaying active rooms and joining them.
  • First person start choice activated (for projects with tps and fps).


  • Fix for conquest objective color issue for late joins.
  • MiniMap fix for GunShip and anything using a similar hierarchy.
  • MiniMap also now follows RC vehicles.
  • Example loadouts tied to model selection, create classes.
  • Other various fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed some errors related to join/leave, more sanity checks.
  • Added Use Team Color option to conquest flags and CTF objective.
  • Better handling of mini map icons for objectives with Team Color option false.
  • ObjectiveRenderer is now ObjectiveRenderers. Turned to array for more versatility. Conquest flag using a sprite as a zone perimeter for example.
  • Added some proto models for the demo scenes. The Blue scene in particular as it is the most complete scene always.
  • Updated demo menu character model selection with helpful model info, thumbnail and name.  


  • Baked mini map fix for USC integration.
  • Drop prefabs re-updated with required ItemDefinitions.
  • Other minor improvements.


  • Initial Release.