Setup Character to interact with a BoardSource

UPDATE: you can now easily setup your character within the Ultimate Character

Controller AddOn Manager, and save doing the following.

If not using the Add On Manager to setup your ability then…

Add Board Ability to character

Add BoardDemo Animator Controller to your character, or modify your animator to

match the BoardDemo animator where required.

PRO TIP: You can click on Build Animator in the ability inspector after you have

added the ability to build the animator for you.

Add state presets to character(whichever components you will affect(ik, thirdperson

objects etc)

NOTE: I have included a set of presets that will get you started for most situations,

you can see how they are applied in the demo scenes.

Ability Settings


For different characters you can set this value to set the character into correct

position. Saves changing seat reference positions.

Input Change Seat Forward

The name of the input that allows changing seats forwards.

NOTE: Default is “Equip Next Seat”. Default key is numpad +

Input Change Seat Backward

The name of the input that allows changing seats backwards.

NOTE: Default is “Equip Previous Seat”. Default key is numpad –

Auto Arms Setup

Now can also be done on a per seat basis via Hide First Person Arms seat property.

This option will force third person arms visible when in first person view and a) seat

Type is Driver or b) seat has Controllable Vehicle Weapons or c) the seat Allowed

Slot Mask allows no items.

This can be achieved with state presets but is tedious to setup all the objects,

suggested to have this true.

IMPORTANT: If you are using ucc first person controller only and you want the arms

visible you must set the “Visible Materials” on the relative “Third Person Object”

Component. In the demo scene this is handled under the hood upon install to give

you an example of the setup.

Closest Seat Entry

When true character will enter the first available seat that is closest to them. When

false the character will simply enter the first available seat.

Align To Board Source

Align the camera to the board source while in third person? (this happens naturally in

first person).

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Updated on August 14, 2023