MP Chat Connection

Description #

MPChatConnection is the base class used for main chat functionality within the lobby and handles “under hood” operations throughout the game. It serves as a foundation for managing chat-related operations and facilitates friend interactions in multiplayer gameplay.

MPChatConnection provides essential functionality for implementing chat features in multiplayer games. It supports main chat functionality within the lobby and handles various operations behind the scenes throughout the game. Customize and extend this base class to incorporate specific chat-related functionality and integrate friend interactions within your game.

Inspector Fields #

Log On Time Out #

Type: float

Description: After this amount of time, if a connection attempt fails, the script will attempt to reconnect. If a stage in the initial connection process stalls for more than this many seconds, the connection will be restarted.

Default Value: 10f

Max Connection Attempts #

Type: int

Description: After this many connection attempts, the script will abort and return to the main menu. Set to 0 for unlimited connection attempts.

Default Value: 10

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Updated on August 14, 2023