MP Damage Callbacks

Description #

This is a base class manager that responds to damage, kills, and respawns on the current master client. It syncs the results to all other clients, ensuring that non-master clients can experience death and related gameplay events. MPDamageCallbacks serves as a foundation for handling damage-related mechanics and can be overridden to create more complex responses.

Note: MPDamageCallbacks is responsible for managing damage, kills, and respawns in a multiplayer game. It ensures that the effects of damage are synchronized across all clients. Override this class to create custom responses for handling damage-related events in your game.

Inspector Fields #

Sync Prop Health #

Type: bool

Description: Set this to true to always keep non-player Health/IDamageTargets in perfect sync on all machines. This is not necessarily needed unless true pro play sync is required, as the master client will force-kill things that die in its scene anyway.

Default Value: false

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Updated on August 14, 2023