Project Setup

  • Ensure you have PUNv2, UCC and PUN-Addon installed. Other MP solutions will be accounted for as they are released.
  • Optionally install Photon Voice 2.
  • Optionally install Ultimate Seating Controller and the Helicopter Addon for the fullest of battle setups.
  • If your using Ultimate Seating Controller, extract the DemoBoardCharacters package. Replace the character prefabs in the MP Spawn Manager and MPDM Team Manager components for each game mode.
  • Add to tags > “Flag”, “CaptureZone”, or you can set the tag you will use for the flags and capture zones within the MP CTF Ability within the Ultimate Character Locomotion component on your character/s.
  • Install Ultimate Multi Player.
  • IMPORTANT – After completing the above steps. Open each of the included demo scenes in the editor. This will cleanup any irrelevant add-on objects.
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Updated on August 31, 2023