Score Monitor

Description #

The ScoreMonitor is responsible for updating the UI for any external object messages that send score updates. It can be used as a reference for displaying score-related information. An example of its usage can be found in MPDMPlayerStats.

Note: The m_ObjectVisibilityDuration and m_ObjectFadeSpeed variables control the visibility and fading behavior of the message after scoring points. Adjust these values as needed for desired timing and visual effects.

Inspector Fields #

Icon #

Type: Image

Description: A reference to the object that will show the message text.

Default Value: null

Object Visibility Duration #

Type: float

Description: The length of time, in seconds, that the message should be visible for after scoring points.

Default Value: 2f

Object Fade Speed #

Type: float

Description: The amount by which the message should fade after it should no longer be displayed. This value determines the speed of the fade effect.

Default Value: 0.05f

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Updated on August 14, 2023