The BoardSource must have a BoardSourcePun component.

The VehicleWeaponShooters must have a VehicleWeaponShooterPun component.

The above can be setup fast using the Seating Controller Manager (Tools>

FastSkillTeam> Seating Controller Manager)


Note: For Multiplayer Demo scene you are expected to know how to use UCC to

create a multiplayer character, you can simply copy the character from offline demo

and add the multiplayer components with UCC add on manager. The only thing the

character needs added is the Board ability if you are creating from scratch.

Once you have created your prefab for multiplayer you can add it to the

SingleCharacterSpawnManager Component attached to the “PunGame”

GameObject in the multiplayer demo scene.

The inspector for the PunGame GameObject should look something like this at the

least. (Nolan for v2, Atlas in v3)

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Updated on August 14, 2023