Base BoardSource Settings

Dont Destroy On Load

If the BoardSource GameObject should stay alive between scenes enable this.

Disable On Death

If using the Heath Component you can enable it there, this is just a handy bool to save going to the Health Component.

Death Prefabs

Any prefabs you wish spawned upon death should added here, unless using the health component to do so.

Insta Kill Players On Death

If enabled all players will be instantly killed when the BoardSource is out of Health. If disabled then the players will be ejected only, it’s possible that explosion could kill them then or they may survive.

Animator ID

The unique ID of this vehicle, only unique to animation. Vehicles can share this value, but can also be unique to some individual interaction animations.

Attack Threshold

The BoardSource must be above this speed to make use of any Attack Colliders

NOTE: Requires RigidBody on root object.

Front Attack Colliders

Colliders can be added here (imagine invisible bull-bar). Any Colliders in this array will become active to kill UltimateCharacterControllers upon contact, only if the BoardSource speed is above the Attack Threshold.

NOTE: Requires RigidBody on root object.

Side Attack Colliders

As above but for sideways speed.

Rear Attack Colliders

As per front attack colliders, but for when speed is negative.

Disable Colliders

Optionally add any colliders here that should be disabled when player boards. They will be re-enabled when player disembarks the BoardSource.

Far Clip Plane

Adjusts the camera far clip plane, useful for aircraft etc. -1 for no override.


Where the magic happens. Add seats players can utilize here. See next page for per seat settings.

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Updated on August 14, 2023