Setup an object for use with Board ability

Quick Setup

Tools > FST > Seating Controller Manager

Drop or Select Gameobject in the Object to Setup field

Click Setup Object


Add BoardSource component to vehicle

Add MoveTowards object/s and an ObjectIdentifier component and enter 14 for the

ID, as you would for drive.

Vehicles in demo scene will show different types of setups.

NOTE: Bake navmesh in OfflineDemo scene for rcc AI to work (can takeover ai cars

like in gta).

Setup Animator on vehicle if need left and right door animations

See “Setting up an animator for a BoardSource”

For IK

Use empty gameobjects with an AbilityIKTarget component to set the desired

positions. If they are not child of seat then set the root in the seat, eg hands to

steering wheel > steering wheel is root.

Pro Tip:

Naming conventions matter! Here’s what the asset uses for quick setup if you like

speedy setup.

For seats – The tool will search for names containing “Seat/seat” and “Driver/driver,

Passenger/passenger, Gunner/gunner” respectively. It will add the seats to the

component and prefill the Name, Type and Seat Position fields.

Example “DriverSeat”, “PassengerSeat”, “GunnerSeat”

It will also search for “Feet/feet” and “Hand/hand” combined with “Root/root”

Example “HandIkRoot”, “FeetIkRoot”

It will also search for ”FirstPersonCamPos/FirstPersonCameraPos/

FirstPersonCameraPosition” if added for vehicle weapons.

Attack Colliders are also found and added, It will search for “Attack/attack” combined

with ”Collider/collider”. Additionally it will find “Left/left”, “Right/right”, ”Front/front”,

“Rear/rear”. If none of these are found it cannot determine how you would like it

setup so it’ll show you a handly little window to assist the setup in a speedy manner.

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Updated on August 14, 2023