Helicopter GPS Controller

Add this component to a helicopter for GPS functionality. You can be on board and have GPS take control also.

Debug Draw #

Draws helpful gizmos, especially helpful for setting up coordinates in editor. At runtime some extra rays will be drawn to show you what the helicopter is attempting to achieve.

Chase Target #

If this field is not empty, the helicopter will chase after the target whilst maintaining the Chase Offset.

Chase Offset #

The offset to use when chasing a target.

Is Engaged #

When this is true, the helicopter will be taken over by GPS.

Cycle Forward #

While true the waypoints will be followed forwards iterating through the loop. When false the waypoint circuit is reversed.

Ping Pong #

If true the helicopter will reach its final target, then reverse the circuit and follow it back to the start and repeat the process.

Stopping Distance #

The helicopter is within range to set the next target if the distance is less than this.

Target Altitude Accuracy Allowance #

The helicopter will stay within this range of the currently required altitude.

Max Pitch Allowance #

This value will affect how much the helicopter will pitch forwards. Greatly affects speed and handling.

Yaw Adjust Multiplier #

This value affects how fast the helicopter will “steer” towards the target destination.

Roll Adjust Multiplier #

This value affects how fast the helicopter will react to keep handling correctly.

Roll Deviation Allowance #

The helicopter can deviate this far from the center point of roll, useful to add some erratic behavior to the helicopter.

Throttle Min Max #

The minimum and maximum throttle amounts for raising and lowering altitude.

Coordinates #

The coordinates that the helicopter will follow if no Chase Target is set.

Starting Index #

The waypoint index to start from.

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Updated on August 14, 2023