Action packed; player driven environment.

Play as a protagonist or an antagonist, work for the man or women or work for yourself! Who will truly prevail when the world is diminished of its resources that mankind depends on?

The Dying World contains mechanics and systems never seen in any game before, so it’s kept under the hatch, and will be until release day.

Stay tuned, The Dying World is 95% complete.

Sure to give you a fright!

This game has only one objective, get out of Mary’s haunted house, alive!

Finding yourself trapped within the home of a vengeful ghost, you must play to its weakness as you force your way out! Can you escape Mary’s home alive?

Stay tuned this game is 90% complete.

A whacky and extremely comical racer with a twist…

Try and take first place in a no-rules, physics based cart racing game! Careful not to take too much damage, your cart may just break leaving you to decide: Should you try and get the cart going again or make a run for the finish line?

I can’t tell you any more about this game, but rest assured the rest of the

twist will be revealed soon as this game is 85% complete.